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Komvos mme is now interactive

Komvos-mme.gr is the web common base to many thematical or non-mane stream publications, social groups and clubs, individual and corporative activities.

Komvos-mme.gr just create a new section of after sales services and server provider, the KOMVOS MME INERACTIVE

Since October 2001, KOMVOS MME became interactive. A team of specialists, advisers in technology and informatics, create some new sections in the network of KOMVOS MME, such as the services provider section and the after sales section, under of course the management of KOMVOS MME INERACTIVE.

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 KOMVOS MME INTERACTIVE continuously follow up the latest technological solutions that can interest his clients, in order to provide them with the best solutions of the moment; to do so, our company emphasize on the continue training of his stuff.

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